Radiography (X-Ray Systems)

Radiography can be used to obtain permanent image of surface and subsurface embedded discontinuities. The same discontinuities can be radiographed again after a period of time and the radiographs can be compared to measure the discontinuities alteration in size and shape. There are numerous applications of radiography testing from work pieces of various sizes and materials such as aluminium, plastics and steel.

In our product portfolio we carry the well-known X-Ray generators of the Belgium manufacturer Balteau NDT. A complete range of solutions fulfill the specific needs of all kind of industrial sectors from bio medical to oil and gas. 

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Melchers represents a renown manufacturer for computed radiography systems for non-destructive testing in Malaysia. These systems can accommodate any level of facility size and workflow - from small private practices to large, high-volume hospitals and diagnostic imaging centers. The computed radiography systems range from reliable, compact tabletop solutions to multiple cassettes, floor standing models and integrate seamlessly into your workflow to deliver high-quality digital images. 

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