Oil and Gas / Power Plants

Melchers oil and gas/power plants department provides its clients with world-class solutions for the power generation industry. The department focuses on high pressure ball valves for gas, high performance air filters, sludge transfer pumps, filter centrifuge for solid-liquid separation, corrosion protection for pipelines and pipes, facilities for loading and unloading and transfer of oil and gas. In partnership with global leading manufacturers, we are a reliable source of the following high quality equipment for a wide range of applications.

Ball Valves

Since more than 50 years Böhmer is specialized in the design and manufacturing of fully welded ball valves and split body ball valves with the following specifications: API 6 D, fire safe, diameter: 1/8“ to 56“, pressure range: class 150 to 2500, temperature range: -100 to + 400 °C, maintenance free sealing system, double block and bleed, single and double effect seal systems, references with CNPC, PTT, HK Towngas, KOGAS, Singapore Power, Chevron, Unocal, PGN, many gas distribution companies, approved by Siemens and Alstom, frequently used by RMG, Rotring and many other station makers, for above, underground and subsea installations and all kinds of actuators.


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Air Filters

Melchers provides air filters from market leaders in field of custom air filtration solutions. Our manufacturers produce high quality filters especially for combined cycle power plants, compressors and for other demanding industrial needs. The products combine excellent energy efficiency for engine performance, good mechanical durability and top-ranking aerodynamic properties in a cost-effective way. Eagle filters handless all deliveries individually and can offer tailored solutions backed by over 15 years of experience.


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Sludge Transfer Pumps

Melchers is a supplier of Emmerich Piston Diaphragm pumps. Emmerich is the leading specialists in the pumping of slurries, which are highly abrasive, highly corrosive and have a high solid content.

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Filter Centrifuge

Ferrum is a world leading centrifuge manufacturer. More than 8000 centrifuges are supplied by Ferrum for more than 300 different applications / process conditions. For the offshore industry Ferrum offers special designs of their well known and proven Scraper Centrifuges for MEG reclamation process. The special design is adapted to meet the harsh environmental conditions in offshore installations. The proven reliable operations of Ferrum Centrifuges meet the needs of stringent requirements in availability on offshore installations. For coal fired power plants the Filter Centrifuge reduces moisture of FGD sludge, processes FGD sludge into a value construction material and reduces the overall operating costs of power plants.


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Corrosion Protection

Melchers is the exclusive supplier of corrosion protection tapes manufactured by the German company Vogelsang. The corrosion protection tapes at one glance: Made of butyl rubber, expected lifetime more than 30 years, heat shrinkable sleeve, tape, hose cold applied tapes, UV resistant material for above ground installation, operating temp. up to 80°C, utmost peel-off resistance, DVGW certified, no preheating required, no primer required, less demanding for surface preparation, self healing effect, wrapping under water possible (for cold applied tapes), easy to handle for workers/staff, reduced failure due to wrong handling, wide range of different materials allow many different applications, welding joints, T-connections, flanges, complete valves, complete pipeline lengths (external wrap), bows and bends, Jetty Piles – splash zone (round shape), Air-to-Ground Area and exposed pipelines.


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Piping Systems

Melchers is a supplier of flexible and rigid pipe systems from metal or plastic, foam isolated tubes, flexible or rigid tubes, for low temperature fluids and gases and double wall tubes for dangerous fluids. The pipe systems guarantee a high safety level due to continuous leakage control. In addition, the installment is easy and fast.


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Pipes and Transfer Systems for LNG

Melchers is the distribution partner of Nexans Cryoflex tubes. The double wall vacuum isolated stainless steel tubes are used for the transfer of liquid gas – such as LNG, Oxygen, Helium, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, etc.. Almost no heat is transferred due to very high isolation properties. Easy and fast installation in any liquid gas facility (no site welding, no site isolation required). The Nexans Cryoflex tubes are a very interesting alternative to conventional rigid steel pipes for any LNG terminal. LNG transfer from terminal to truck or terminal to ship is much more simple, safe and reliable with Nexans Cryoflex tubes.


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Tank Cleaning Systems

Schäfer & Urbach offers a wide range of manless, visible tank cleaning systems and cleaning tools. The range of tank cleaning systems comprises technical solutions for cleaning mineral oil and product storage tanks with the highest possible efficiency. The systems are suitable for cleaning large storage tanks up to 100 meter in diameter. Additional equipment is available: nitrogen unit, heat exchanger, suction and additional pressure pumps, sludge treatment systems, degassing units, storages, buffer tanks and static filters.


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API Gauges

In collaboration with our partners, we supply our customers with the highest quality API gauges in the industry.


Allen Gauges


PMC Lone Star